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Michael’s birthday cake

Michael’s birthday cake

A birthday cake should be in the flavour the birthday boys and girls love most and that’s why I made this tall vanilla sponge cake of 3 layers, filled and covered it with white chocolate ganache and decorated with orange chocolate cake truffles and lots of little stars – because Michael is a star!

I really liked the end result birthday cake with the rough edges of the cake and how the little stars stuck on the icing. To complement the stars, I made the truffles with orange coloured and orange flavoured chocolate and they tasted much better than they look! I had a spare one to test, see… And a couple more not to waste anything, just because I made too many in the first place, of course! ;)

Here’s a happy Michael with his cake:

Michael's birthday cake 04

Michael's birthday cake 02

Michael's birthday cake 01

Michael's birthday cake 03

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